Plan A

We began this journey with the mindset of carrying out some fairly minor work to improve and update the house. For example, a new conservatory, removal of the coal burning stove and chimney and a general revamp of the look and feel. We knew the house couldn’t be extended via planning permission as it had already reached 50% growth so this wasn’t a possibility for us.

However, when we heard that we could possibly extend the house forwards via permitted development (because we have woodland in front of us and not directly facing the main road), our minds started to race…

Suddenly drawings of a double story extension and growing the size of house by 1/3 were being created and submitted to the council. After 16 long weeks of waiting a decision had been made; “Refuse”, we were devastated. Our so-called innovative idea was outrightly dismissed purely on the basis that the house’s permitted development rights had been removed in 1991 when the side extension had been granted. Something, our architect had completely over looked. We we hugely disappointed.

So, on to plan B…

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