It all starts with some inspiration…

Now, I do love to a homes and interiors magazine, so much so, I receive the latest release of my favourite mag straight to my door each month! (this was in fact a Mother’s day gift, courtesy of my husband!). So when it came to starting some research into ideas for what improvements we could make on our home, I had no issue with reaching for a cup of coffee and delving into my endless supply of accrued magazines!

I am also an avid Pintrest user. I love the ease of this site and the ability to freely create my own mood boards and project concepts. I actually use this site for many other interests and planning projects in my life, such as my children’s birthday party, garden concepts, food ideas and clothing trends. I like being able to find the looks I am after and then go on to further my search and find the actual products, or similar products on the web or on the high street.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 22.23.42

Pintrest, my online go-to

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