Goodbye conservatory

The day had come to say goodbye to our conservatory!


To help us with this almighty task, my parents drove up from the south west in the hope that could dismantle the conservatory in a good enough state to be able to reuse it for one of their rental properties – “make do with what you’ve got”, and all that..



My dad painfully labeled all of panels, carefully dismantled all the blinds and skilfully removed all the glass panes, to find out (after 4 hours of work) that the main frame was riddled with rot. The wood was literally crumbling away! Needless to say, my dad, and in particular my mum, were very upset and quite frankly, exhausted!


So it meant only one thing, off to the tip! We have kept all of the good bits of wood (you never know when you might need these – perhaps to build a tree house for the boys one day) and some of the small off cuts for kindling. Everything else has been off loaded.


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