Plan C

Yes, we are steadily working our way through the alphabet!!

After three few weeks of to-ing and fro-ing between various ideas and concepts (whilst balancing all sorts of emotions and frustrations), we believe we have now found our footing.

In order to stay within budget and to not spend any more than the return we would see if we were to sell the property in the next few years, we have opted for a total rework of the project specifications whilst keeping the current extension design.


The most significant change is with the substitution of the ground source heat pump for an LPG gas heating system and thus cutting back the need to fully insulate the property, re plumb, fully underfloor heat, build a pump house and dig the trenches for water pipes.

We have also taken significant measures to reduce some of the added extras that we planned to have within the property. These consist of:

  • Carpet upstairs instead of oak flooring
  • Not to replace the master bedroom balcony with a glass balustrade and steals but to keep it as it is but with a few repairs and some wood staining
  • Underfloor heating to only be in the kitchen/living space, utility and bathrooms
  • All internal doors to remain and not to be replaced
  • Only one new wood burning stove, not two, and the lounge fireplace to remain as it is
  • No the brick slip wall
  • Sanitary wear to be sourced from high street stores
  • Lighting to remain as it is upstairs
  • No 5th bedroom – keep family bathroom where it is and master bedroom as it is
  • No decking benches and fire pit
  • No built in wardrobe in James’ room

This is now back with our architect who is currently re working the project specifications and also producing a planning application for the installation of our LPG gas tank.  Unfortunately as we do not have permitted development rights, we have to apply via planning permission to be able to have this installed. Frustratingly this will in tail a further 8 weeks worth or wait until a decision has been made by the council. Hopefully there will be no objections, we have after all, opted for an underground tank so the impact to the overall visuals will be minimal.

Our builder is coming round to the house again tonight to run through all of this and to discuss timeframes. We could theoretically start the build before we here back from the council as there is a lot of demolition and build work to do before the heating solution is connected. Once we have the new product specs and these have been costed up we could be looking at starting in 6 weeks time – early May.


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  1. Leah
    April 15, 2016 / 7:06 am

    Best of luck sj xx

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