Storage solution

The thought of trying to keep everything packed away neatly and to one side within the house while works get underway really isn’t an appealing thought. The dust, dirt and constant need to shuffle our boxes from one room to the next as the builders move around the house, fills me with dread! We need a storage solution…

We contemplated a storage unit in our local town, but quickly ruled this out due to the inconvenience of having all our things several miles away and also requiring a removals van to get it there (and back again). We need storage on site, that we can access easily and whenever we want to. 

Fortunately enough we have a large driveway so the best option for us is to hire (or buy, if we can find one at the right price) a shipping container. I can’t say I have ever bought one of these so I really had to do my research to know what to get! What size, what a reasonable hire or purchase price is, transport access and costs, whether it needs to be insulated etc.

In the end we opted to hire one, largely due to ease of having it removed at the end and not having to deal with a re-sale. We selected an insulated container to minimise any water/damp damage to our loving processions and even managed to get one that has a front door, a window, electricity and heating – so very posh!


On the day the container arrived it was myself and Riley to take ownership. Riley loved it! The container arrived on a flat bed lorry with a crane and was actually easier to get down the drive than the static caravan.



Hoisted into position the container now sits proudly (in all its blue glory!) down the side of the drive next to the house and is slowly filling up with the contents of our house.






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