Wish list: April

What have I seen this month and loved? What do I want in my new house once it’s complete? What do I not want to forget about? All very important questions and ones that I do not want to lose sight of! As such, I will be pulling together a once-a-month wish list of all the things I have seen and would like in my house.

wish list

This month I’ve been finalising the kitchen order, searching for bathroom tiles and thinking about unique furnishings to add into my home. In doing so, I came across these great products and only thought it right to include them in this month’s post.
wish listI came across this spectacular 1) Timothy Oulton Saddle Chair on Instagram, a post by Barker and Stonehouse, and fell in love with it! Up until my late teens I was an avid horse rider, I lived and breathed the sport. I therefore have a strong connection to all things equestrian, so when I saw this leather chair in the style and shape of a saddle, it made me smile. What a unique piece of craftsmanship, not only is it different, quirky and original but it is practical and in essence, a classic piece of english furniture. Just fab!


Worktops, worktops, worktops…. yes, there are a lot to choose from!! Whilst finalising my kitchen plans and appliance selections at the Tom Howley showroom, I had the mighty task of deciding on a kitchen worktop. Now, in my mind this is an extremely important element of the kitchen. It is such a tactile piece, one that you touch every signal day, whether it be while you sit around the breakfast bar drinking your morning coffee or whilst rustling up a (delicious!) meal for the family. It is also one of the most visual elements of the kitchen (perhaps after the unit doors). The colour, the density and the feel of it, must be right.

A worktop that has caught my eye and stands out above all the rest is a quartz worktop by 2) Silestone Worktops – Colour Yukon. It is clean, crisp, yet has a lovely depth of colour, and exudes quality. This has made the wish list.


Shopping for tiles is another minefield. There are literally thousands upon thousands of styles, shapes, colours and patterns to choose from. The ones that I love at the moment (and I say at the moment, because once I start my proper search this will no doubt change!), are these 3) Brick Vintage Metro Tiles. They are unlike the neat geometric brick tiles that I have seen in many places, as they have a slightly bumpy edge and uneven surface which causes the light to fall differently on each tile. They are both modern and rustic. I like them!

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 22.16.46

Back to the kitchen, and high on my wish list is a 4) Quooker Boiling Tap. I just have to have one! Get rid of the ever accruing limescale kettle and give me a tap which provides immediate boiling water for making tea/coffee or cooking with. Fewer appliances which means less kitchen clutter and a quicker cup of tea!


Next on my wish list is a project; 5) DIY Coffee Table made from a tree stump. Whilst at my parents house, I was outside in one of their fields and spotted a collection of large rustic logs from trees which had recently been chopped down. Immediately I asked my dad what he is planning to do with them and whether I could nab one. He said yes! My plan is to convert it into a coffee table with a little neatening up (tidy up the rough edges) and applying some wax to bring out the grain. Watch this space for the finished product…!

Tree Stump Coffee Table Example

Whilst on the topic of wood and trees, I love 6) Cole and Son – Woods Wallpaper. I had it in my previous home (in the cloakroom) and I have it currently in the office. This is definitely here to stay and will be making an appearance in the house once it’s complete!


I hope you have enjoyed taking a glimpse into the things I love this month!



  1. Les
    April 10, 2016 / 7:54 pm

    Think the tap is a must! Could make stools for the boys with smaller tree stumps – got just the cushions to go on top of them for you.

    • April 10, 2016 / 8:13 pm

      Good idea! They will love them – one each!

  2. Emmee
    April 13, 2016 / 11:26 am

    Loving the tree stumps! Better get father on the case!

    Saddle chair – how unique!!

    Place is going to loom amazing


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