Let me introduce you to our new (temporary) home..!

We have finally MOVED INTO the static caravan after a full 8 months of having it unoccupied on our driveway!

Here she is back in October when we first took ownership!
This week has been an eventful week, what with endless packing and moving of furniture, web camera installation, gas servicing and safety connections in the caravan, hospital overnight stays and ambulance journeys (yes, an unexpected entry for the week..!), washing machine jiggery pokery and a full electrical shut down in the house. Phew…!


Nonetheless we have successfully settled in to our new home for the next 6 or so months.

It may be a caravan, and yes, it may be rather old, but I think it will do us nicely. We have heating, electricity, hot water and a dust free space from the builders – what more could we want!?

Here is a sneak peak of it inside…


Thanks for reading! x


  1. Les
    June 19, 2016 / 8:51 pm

    Caravan looking great! Posey Percy got into the shot as usual I see. He’s such a star and so photogenic !

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