Day 2, and what an eventful day it was

Today was full to the brim with activity. We had a team of builders on site, a referendum to vote on, my Rayburn and kitchen eBay purchasers turning up to dismantle and collect their goods, wood flooring collections and a rather naughty little Jack Russell (AKA Percy) who decided to go for a 2 hour wonder – on his own!

At 7.45am we had the builders on site drilling away at the ground floor flooring. At 8.40am I left the house to do the school run and at 9.00am made my way to the village hall to place my vote for the referendum.

Once back at the house, I cracked on with some clothes sorting (yes, despite the house appearing empty there are a few hanging items in the master bedroom wardrobe, so these needed to be sorted!).

In no time at all the builders had made the hallway unrecognisable, removing all skirting boards and tiles from the floor.


Riley has already made friends with the builders and somehow managed to get his hands on not one, but two sugar doughnuts. All before 10am!


The wood flooring in the lounge was next under attack. All of the boards were pulled up along with all of the insulation felt. When I came to look at the boards I noticed how good a condition they were in so decided to place a free listing ad on my local Facebook community group – surely someone could use these oak boards in their own home…? Thankfully I had a stream of people eager to take them of my hands and I successfully managed to find a home for all of the wood. Everything was picked up within the day, nothing went into the skip! A good job done.


It was then the turn of the Rayburn. This was sold earlier in the week on eBay to a company who specialise in Rayburn and Aga refurbishments, so this old beauty will certainly be in safe hands.

I had listed that the Rayburn would need to be removed by the buyer however, I hadn’t considered that the water tank which the Rayburn pipes connect to, should have been drained prior to the removal. So, we had to quickly work out how to do this without the help of plumber. Thankfully, and to the buyer’s delight (as otherwise he would have had to have made a return journey), we were successful!


Whilst the Rayburn removal was in full swing we had the eBay kitchen purchaser turn up (yes, things do like to happen all at once!). Both the kitchen and the utility worktops and appliances were removed from the house with the help from our builders. Again, the skip was untouched – everything was recycled. Surely I’ve earned myself some good brownie points on the save the world front?!


This is what is left of the kitchen and utility – empty rooms…!


And amongst all of this, Percy decided to wonder off in to the woods all by himself…. just typical! This resulted in myself having to get in the car and drive around the village to find him. Thanks Perce! Thankfully we found him (he was with a lovely couple who were walking their dogs) and we brought him home safe and sound. Drama over.

Right, it’s now time to settle in for the evening and make myself some dinner. Roll on tomorrow for some more fun and games….

Thanks for reading x



  1. Les
    June 23, 2016 / 7:53 pm

    What a lot got done today! looking at the house it’s kinda sad that’ everything has been ripped out but onward and upward now. Knew that wooden floor could be re-used too and so pleased that people came forward and wanted it. Well done SJ for re-cycling everything that was re-cyclable !

  2. June 23, 2016 / 8:17 pm

    Demo days are always exciting! I can’t wait to see the progress photos!

  3. August 4, 2016 / 8:15 pm

    Wow that’s a productive day I would say! When I worked as an Electrician I loved taking things apart and ripping cables out of the walls, but taking things apart is always a lot easier than putting it back together! Very excited to see your progress and the finished product 🙂

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