Week 2

Things are starting to get a little scary…! Windows have come out, walls have come down, supports to hold the house up have gone in and foundations are starting to be dug out.

Despite the progress, we have unfortunately come across our first stumbling block; the foundations to the original part of the house which dates back to early 50’s, are not deep enough to support the new steals that we need to put in for the extension. The current depth is 80cm and we need between 100-150cm. So, there’s only one thing for it, to dig down and around to backfill and strength the existing foundations. This will require an additional 2 days of digging work and result in 100cm of concrete having to go underneath and to each side of the foundations.

That’s it boys, take it all in… we need to ensure our builders keep to the plans!

Web cam image from Saturday 2nd July:

Here you will see works have already started on digging down below the existing foundations.

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