A momentous day!

Evening all,

It’s been a while since my last post (18 days in fact) and this is solely because very little has happen during this time. Thankfully, we rectified the issue that was our incorrect plans and were able to proceed with the steels order. Little did I know that the order would take up to three weeks to come through and in that time all works on the house would halt. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to not see any builders on site!!

That however, all changed a few days ago when we had four “brickies” on site to build the side walls to our extension. These went up in a matter of days and was so great to see.

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Yesterday, we had a wonderful (and I’m not being sarcy – it was, honestly, wonderful) delivery of steels to the house. Hooray!

And today, we had a team of eight builders on site working flat-out to get the steels in and up. Whilst working in the office today, I had my trusty web cam link refreshing every few seconds to update me with the latest events unfolding (thanks Dad, I could not be without this camera!). Today was a momentous day and hopefully the footing for us to continue onwards and upwards with this build.

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Our next milestone comes on Tuesday when we have IQ Glass coming to carry out the site survey measurements for the large glass sliding doors. This can only be completed once the steels and frame opening has been completed. With less than a week away, we have our work cut out. Everyday counts!


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