Colour and tiles

We’ve suddenly got to the stage where the walls are ready for some colour and the bathrooms are ready for some tiles. At last, the house is coming alive again and looking much more like a home… not a building site!

To assist me with my colour decision making, the boys helped produce colour swatches. Rather than painting swatches on to the walls in each room (we would run of out of paint tester pots this way and end up needing more!), we painted small plaster board samples and placed them around each room in the house. The boys thoroughly enjoyed this.


In the open plan living space, the marble floor tiles have started to go down…


The oak flooring has now arrived and here we are trying to decide on the best way to lay the wooden boards. The crucial decision is whether we should keep every room the same and follow the direction of the hallway or, whether to flip and change direction based on each room preference i.e. the direction of the windows, room dimension etc.


For the hallway and landing, I opted for the colour Shaded White by Farrow and Ball. This colour is great for any style of home, being neither too warm nor too cool. It has a soft greyness, but with none of the cooler tones of Cornforth White or the more yellow tones of Off-White, making it a versatile neutral. I really wanted this space to be warm and inviting which, I think we will achieve through using this colour.


Here we are again (but upstairs this time) deciding on wood directions!


Tiling is now almost complete in the family bathroom and the master ensuite.


I am now at the stage of finalising my choice of carpet for the stairs. My favourite is a hard wearing twist carpet from Germany which is manmade, eco friendly and hypoallergenic. The price isn’t cheap, but I only have the stairs to fit so perhaps I can get away with it!


The lounge has now had its first coat of paint. We went for a statement look and chose the colour Plummett from Farrow and Ball. It’s certainly more daring than my other rooms but I think it works, especially with the white wood work (alcove cupboards and shelving, skirtings, covings etc.) I can’t wait to see this colour in situ with the smoked oak flooring.


And finally, last weekend we started to move some of our stored items back into the house (albeit just to the loft). At last, we have space in our shipping container, which I will no doubt start filling up with Christmas presents. (The presents are currently stacked mile high in our WC in the static caravan!).


Keep posted for further updates! Next week should be a busy one for us as we are hoping to take delivery of our windows (yes!), utility and kitchen and 2nd fix of plumbing and electrics should be fully underway.

Thanks for checking in x



  1. Karen Cousens
    December 8, 2016 / 1:15 am

    Looking good. Love the lounge colours!

  2. Les
    December 8, 2016 / 6:15 am

    All looking really good SJ – love the tiles – exciting seeing it all come together. The German carpet is a very good choice. I would definitely lay the wood flooring in the same direction throughout the house. In my opinion it would look ‘odd’ going in any different direction off the hallway or landing into individual rooms. You’ve been very bold with the main lounge I see!

  3. emmee standeven
    December 8, 2016 / 10:06 pm

    Look at that colour in the lounge!! Bold decision.
    Everything’s looking amazing. I see you have two little helpers xx

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