The race is on!

Works have stormed into the second week of January and we are making great progress. The kitchen worktop has been fitted, the utility cabinets have been correctly altered to fit the space and the worktop has been templated. All wood flooring has been laid, upstairs painting has been completed and the underfloor heating thermostats have been fitted and are now operational.

Our target completion date (for the inside of the house that is) is the 31st January as we have now sold the static caravan so will be homeless from this date forward!

In terms of what is outstanding for the house; the utility room needs to be completed, the lounge hearth and stove fitted, downstairs to have its final coat of paint, the playroom to be wallpapered, door thresholds to be fitted, the sound system and TV’s installed, the kitchen to have its final coat of paint, the stair carpet to be fitted, lounge cupboards and shelving fitted, the front porch wood stained and for the whole house to have a good clean!

(It sounds quite a lot of outstanding work doesn’t it…?! But hopefully our builder will stay true to his word and we will finish on time.)


As soon as the caravan and the container have been removed from the driveway, both of which will be on the same day, work can then start on the front landscaping. This will involve laying flagstone tiles under the porch, digging up the roots of unwanted plants, fitting electronic gates and laying edging stones and chippings to the driveway.

Meanwhile, at the back of the house, the decking needs to be completed, the balcony fitted, the gravel path adjusted to meet the new decking steps and a new side gate positioned to the access the field to the ponies.

Today, we were fortunate enough to experience some snow at the house. Here are a few shots from this morning and a short video of it actually snowing…!



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