Take a look inside…

It’s been a good few weeks since we moved into our new house and slowly but surely we are getting the rooms to look more homely and “lived” in. The builders have officially left (the portaloo was removed from site only the other day!!) and there is just a small snagging list to work through. We do have a few outstanding works to do but thisΒ is predominately outside electrical work so it shouldn’t impact us too much. There are also a couple of things that building control needΒ verification on so we are hoping to provide this, this week to then receive final sign off.

So, why not take a look inside our new home…! (I hope you like?!)


In my next blog post I’m hoping to loadΒ some before and after pictures so you can see the real differences between what our house once was and what it is today. The changes are pretty vast so stayed tuned…!

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Take a look inside…

  1. LOVE your home and this is exactly the kind of look I am after. I am about to undertake a big renovation project myself and I also live in the same area as you, I was wondering if you could let me know the builders you used as we are really struggling! Also your kitchen is stunning, where is it from?
    Many thanks xx

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    1. Hi Julia, apologies for the delayed reply ( a new baby has slowed me down a little!!). Our builders were fab and would definitely recommend them. The firm is called Mark Scott Constructions. Our kitchen is from Tom Howley. Hope this all helps!


  2. Hi Julia,
    I really liked your windows and internal doors. Would you mind sharing where you sourced both from please.


  3. All looks beautiful! We moved into our house on 1st Feb and need to refurbish it all. Finding it a nightmare. Are your kitchen units white??


      1. Love it! Another colour question! Do you know the ral number of you windows (outside)? Are the powder coated aluminium?


  4. Beautiful beautiful home. Follow you on Instagram and just found you blog! Could I ask what colour your hall way is (upstairs)? Could I also ask for the white in your bathrooms? I’m pretty sure I have the same tiles and struggling to find paint!! xxx


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