The Lounge: finishing touches

What makes a home, “a home”? Well, in my eyes it’s all the finishing touches that are inside it that make it unique and individual to the homeowner. With this build, I kept my wall and floor colours fairly neutral to make the rooms feel spacious and easy to work with but now, it’s time to add some finishing touches to make it ‘pop’ and stand out from the crowd, making it unique to us.

I’ve already added some cushion colours to the lounge which have helped to distinguish my colour palette. I went for grey, navy and a gold/mustard colour which work really well with the colour Plummet on the walls and my mighty gold guilted mirror. The things I now need to source to finish off the room and to tie in all my colours are; curtains, a coffee table and an armchair.


Coffee table wise, I’m thinking gold. I’ve got my eye on this coffee table from West Elm, it’s glass with a gold frame (perhaps not the most child friendly piece of furniture, but hey!). I think the gold will work well as it will bring out the gold/mustard cushions and tie in with the mirror nicely. One thing I have noticed about the room is that the grey walls can look quite cold so to inject some more gold will help to warm up the space. This coffee table is also lovely and practical with its underneath shelving – perfect for some of my home interiors books!

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 11.04.50

Another option is an fabric ottoman in either navy or mustard. This would work well with the children – no sharp edges and a perfect climbing object (argh!)! The question is, will I find the right shade of navy or mustard to match my cushions…!?

I’m also contemplating on a side table for in front of the patio doors next to the sofa. Again, in gold which would match the main coffee table if I went with the West Elm one.

Images below: The side table top left is from Wayfair and would probably work best for the space that I am thinking about and the side tables to the right which have been styled as a combination coffee table are from Graham and Green.

For the curtains in this room, I have found these eyelet patterned curtains from John Lewis. I do feel that a bit of pattern in this room would work really well, in either tones of grey or navy. If anyone can recommend some, please PM me!

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 12.09.44Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 12.09.28

Lastly, I would like to source an armchair for this room to break up the block seating that is currently all in the the far corner. I’m still toying with my style options but here are a few of my current selections…

Image 1: Timothy Oulton Bastille Chair, Image 2: Slub Velvet Edlyn Chair, Image 3: Linthwaite Velvet Club Chair Image 4: Bluebell Armchair, Image 5: Navy Velvet Chair

In terms of finishing touches for other rooms in the house, there is quite an extensive list! To name just a few… I am desperate to find a lovely big rug for my master bedroom, an L-shaped/corner sofa for my open plan living space, a gold statement mirror for my downstair toilet/cloakroom and a gorgeous yet practical sideboard for my hallway. Stay tuned for further posts on these areas!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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