Magazine feature – KBB October issue!

I cannot tell you how strange it was to see little ol’ me on the front cover of Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms (KBB) magazine whilst doing my food shop last week. It was such a surreal moment, if, a little unnerving! Not only that, there is an 8 page spread inside the magazine which features our kitchen and open plan living space.

The photoshoot took place earlier in the year at the end of May and was organised by Tom Howley, our kitchen provider. Tom Howley were contacted by the editor of KBB magazine who had seen our build project via my Instagram account and wanted to feature the house within one of their magazine issues.

All we knew at the time of the shoot was that the house was going to be included in the October issue. We did not know it was going to be on the cover, neither did we know it was going to be featured across 8 pages!

On the day of the shoot, I took a few photographs and videos so I’ve included them in this  post along with some images of the magazine feature. Obviously, my pictures of the magazine do not do it justice, you have to see it in the ‘flesh’ – so go and pick up a copy for yourself!

I had a great day with the Tom Howley team and now have a lovely keepsake of our home which I will treasure for forever more. A big thank you to Tom Howley for organising the shoot, Ikon Photography for the photographs and KBB magazine for the feature.


IMG_6081IMG_6085IMG_3339IMG_6062IMG_2004IMG_3349IMG_6077IMG_9903Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 19.47.51.png



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