A Christmas Table

Oh, it’s Just A Little Christmas table… but it’s our first Christmas table in the new house, so it needs to look extra special!

I decided to do a trial run of our Christmas table in preparation for the big day and to share it with you all should you wish to take inspiration from it. I wanted our table to look elegant, festive, inviting and simply beautiful so I used natural greens, sparkly silvers and vibrant golds. My Vera Wang wedding crockery has made its first appearance in 8.5 years! We just haven’t been able to take it out of its original packaging since the wedding due to multiple house moves over the years and building work. But now, the time has come for it to make its debut!

Alongside ‘my Wang’, I’ve placed our Robert Welch cutlery set which again, was given to us as a wedding present over 8 years ago. This, however, has come out over the years and is used at most of our dinner parties. I absolutely love our canteen set, it is not only beautiful to look at, it is practical (i.e. dishwasher safe) and lovely to use. This year, I have a new addition to my Robert Welch collection, the Limbrey Salt and Pepper Mills which are absolutely stunning and look effortless on the table. I’ve noticed on the Robert Welch website that there is a handy ‘how to set a table’ page, so if anyone needs a little help with table dressing, go and check it out!

My table decorations consist of fresh eucalyptus, a faux misletoe garland, glitter branches, a table runner, placemats, baubles, fairy lights, crackers and candles (for all individual product links, please scroll down to the bottom of this post).

My balloon wine glasses are from Layered Lounge by LSA. The simple design of the bulbous shape combined with a long stem is a classic and works so well with my table arrangement. They are also very similar in design to my glass light pendants above my kitchen island so give great symmetry to the room! These have been teamed with the matching balloon tumblers.

To complement the table, my new Culinary Concepts wine/champagne cooler sits proudly at the end, glistening in the sunlight. It such a gorgeous item!

Looking at the pictures above, my Christmas table really does sum up my style, it is classic in design but with a modern twist and hint of luxe. Mixing fresh foliages with faux, sparkles with glitter, glass with chrome and all the while being contemporary in design. I am so pleased with it, I hope you like it too?

If you like my style and would like to do something similar for your Christmas table, below I have added links to all the items featured in the pictures above.

Product List:

LSA Balloon Wine Glasses: Layered Lounge
LSA Balloon Tumblers: Layered Lounge
Cutlery Set: Robert Welch
Eucalyptus: I got mine from my local florist (£5.99 a bunch – I only used one bunch)
Baubles: Layered Lounge
LED Fairy Lights: I bought mine from Matalan but they are out of stock. Amazon does sell some very similar
Table Runner: House of Fraser
Crackers: House of Fraser
Glitter Taper Candles: Sainsbury’s (only the gold appear to be online but I bought silver in store)
Waitrose do sell very similar ones online
Glass Candlestick Holders: In store at Waitrose, £5 each. I have found some very similar on eBay
TablematsRural Urban 
Salt and Pepper Mill: Robert Welch
Wine/Champagne Bottle Cooler: Culinary Concepts
Candle Lighter: Waitrose
Table: Modish Living
Thanks for reading x


  1. Debbie
    December 13, 2017 / 2:45 pm

    Really interesting and beautiful! Where did you get the amazing dining chairs

    • justalittlebuild
      December 19, 2017 / 10:27 am

      Hi, I actually bought these on eBay!

  2. Nicola
    August 10, 2018 / 12:55 pm

    This is maybe a weird question, but how do you serve the food? I’m assuming there isn’t room on the table, and also your dinner plates are already on the table, do you take them off to warm them?

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