Transforming a master bedroom in a weekend

As most of you will know, I travelled south-west last Friday to visit Leat House, our new holiday home down in North Cornwall. We first saw the property whilst holidaying within the area in May 2016 and simply fell in love with it. We were not, by any means, on the hunt for a holiday home at that time as we were just about to embark on our build project but when we saw the house up for sale, we knew that we had to do everything we could to make it ours!

At the end of March 2017 we completed the purchase and now, we are slowly making it our own through interior modifications.

The reason for this visit was to redecorate the master bedroom. It was yellow in colour, very yellow. From the walls to the curtains and even to the four poster bed! It was dated and overpowering, with the space feeling small and cluttered. A master bedroom that has stunning sea views such as this one, needs to stand proud and embrace its surroundings. It should feel calm, tranquil and inviting. All of which is not possible when the room is mustard yellow in colour!

I didn’t know how much I would be able to get done over the 3 days with just my Mum to help me and Scarlett by my side but my goal was to paint the walls and the chest of drawers, dismantle the bed and take delivery of a new one, position my old side units and accessorise the room. I most certainly did not envisage us doing a handful of other jobs whilst down at the house such as carpeting the lean-to, painting a side unit, gardening, changing a toilet seat, sewing up curtains, organising a skip and charity shop run and painting a BBQ!

Anyway, back to the room… So, I decided to keep a little bit of the yellow with the curtains and just pull this into the room with the use of a yellow accent cushion for the bed. I picked up this Moira Ochre Oak Leaf Cushion from Dunelm which works nicely with the existing curtains. The core colours of the room were tones of grey, blue and white which balance nicely together and provide that nautical feel.

The walls were painted in Slaked Lime Mid by Little Greene. This pale grey shade is a variation on the popular off-white Slaked Lime shade and works well in most rooms for a warm, inviting effect. I did not want the room to feel cold which you can sometimes get when using grey tones so thought this colour would work well. Thankfully it does, despite all my worrying prior to deciding on this colour! (Choosing a colour whilst at home and away from the room that I would be decorating, was so hard to do!).

I used Nordic Blue chalk paint from Grand Illusions on the chest of drawers which gave a soft weathered feel to the unit once the furniture wax was applied. To be completely honest though, I had wished for a neater finish so I may look to repaint this unit at a later stage with a satin paint. The colour, however, is just what I was after – a dark rich blue.

My lights were purchased from Dunelm. I bought two Lenny Glass Table Lamps for either side of the bed and two Angel Capiz Pendants for the ceiling lights. I am so pleased with these as both look great and were such good value for money.

The bed was purchased from and is the Skye Kingsized Bed with Storage. It did take us a couple of hours to assemble (but that Mum and I (and Scarlett!) doing it so it may be quicker for someone else). I am really happy with the bed, it is great quality, looks expensive and stands proud. One thing I would say is that the grey is more of a mink/grey – more earthy in colour than a pure grey tone. Mattress wise, I went for the Hyllestad pocket sprung mattress from Ikea. We have always been really impressed with the mattresses from Ikea as they are fantastic quality and really comfortable (and nothing like as expensive as some other brands…!).

The mirror was bought from Dunelm and is called the Grantham Cream Mirror. I have seen a lot of very similar style mirrors on the high street and this one is just a good as the rest but at a third of the price.

The dark blue cushions were also from Dunelm, they are the Large Blue Casual Slub Cushions (55 x 55cm). I just bought separate feather pads to go in them, also from Dunelm. I went for larger pads (62 x 62cm) so the cushions are lovely and plump. I already owned the white embroidered cushions but I have seen some very similar ones in Dunelm called the Dorma Vermont Cushions. The bedspread came from Waitrose, it is the Lincoln Bedspread in the colour grey by The Lyndon Company.

Overall, I am really happy with the transformation. The room has been uplifted and simplified, balanced through complimentary colours and injected with an essence of nautical style to retain the character and charm of our coastal home. I now want to be in the room to relax and enjoy looking out to sea. (If you are wondering why I haven’t taken any pictures of the views from this room, it is because our stone wall which was knocked down by the sea from storm Eleanor a few weeks back, is still being built and there is currently bright blue sheeting all over it! – this doesn’t make for good photographs!).

I hope you like the transformation too and thanks for reading! x



  1. Caroline
    February 2, 2018 / 4:06 pm

    LOVE the transformation! You have a real talent for interior design and deserve every success. Enjoy following your blog and Insta stories! 😀

  2. Jacqui
    February 2, 2018 / 6:38 pm

    Well done Sarah Jane and mum. You got a lot done in your few short days and with Scarlett in tow! The room looks fab and the curtains are great with the more neutral decor x

    • justalittlebuild
      February 3, 2018 / 9:27 am

      Thanks! It was a balance between what we could get done and what would work well together x

  3. Rachel (rachelj_hearts)
    February 2, 2018 / 7:32 pm

    What a transformation! Here’s to girl power! Xx

  4. Rachael
    February 3, 2018 / 9:06 pm

    Love this transformation and your interior style, you have a such a good eye for it…and even better you do it so affordably! I too enjoy your blog and insta-stories, you’re a daily inspiration as I work on our fixer-upper home with 6 month old in tow. X

  5. Antonia
    February 4, 2018 / 10:15 am

    Absolutely stunning ❤️

  6. Louise
    February 4, 2018 / 3:59 pm

    Such an improvement… although I think it’s calling out for a small armchair in the window to look out at the impressive views . I’m definitely going over to the website to check out availability and prices !

  7. David D
    May 7, 2018 / 9:20 am

    Great improvement, I particularly like the use of the oversized headboard- giving the same effect as a feature wall. Well done!

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