My Mattress-in-a-Box Review with OTTY

When approached by OTTY Sleep Ltd, a UK based mattress-in-a-box company and asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of their mattresses and pillows, I’ve got say, I was pretty darn excited! We have been thinking about replacing our existing mattress for a while now as my husband keeps complaining of lower back pain. The mattress we had was a good quality pocket sprung mattress but quite old and extremely heavy.

One of the main reasons for giving OTTY a go was because they claim their mattresses provide exceptional support for sufferers of back and neck pain. Their mattresses offer firm support through pocket springs, as well as added comfort and flexibility provided by layers of memory foam.

I have never ordered a mattress-in-a-box before so I was extremely intrigued to see how one would a) fit in a box, b) once out of the box how it would shape to its intended size and c) how good it would actually be.

Prior to taking delivery of the mattress, I received two email delivery updates from the outsourced courier company. The first email was to inform me that they had received my order and detailed when the delivery would be and all the necessary delivery information. They do offer a mattress disposal service too should you require one which is a lovely touch. The next email was to advise me on the ETA of the mattress and I was given a 4 hour delivery window. On the day of delivery, I was telephoned by the driver and given a two hour delivery time slot. Overall I was really impressed with the delivery communication, this is a large item and something you do not want to miss if the delivery takes place and you’re not in!

Due to the innovative approach of OTTY, the mattress comes conveniently boxed and vacuum packed, making the transport of the mattress, up the stairs and to the room of choice, much easier than if it was in its normal form.

The mattress was easy to unpack with the help of some step by step instructions which were clearly presented on the box and a special packaging cutter that cut through the plastic wrapper easily and safely. Once out, we left the mattress to expand and breath for 2-4hrs, as advised.

My first impression of the mattress was that it was so light. Matt and I could actually lift it whereas our old one, we could barely move it! When I first sat on the mattress I was slightly concerned that it was too soft. The memory foam at the top of the mattress is lovely and cushioned but it did worry me that this would result in the mattress being too soft. However, once I laid down on the mattress I could really appreciate the lower level pocket springs that provide the structure and support. After our first night’s sleep on the mattress, it was clear that the springs did everything that they should, to give great body support.

One of the things that I am really impressed with is the ability to remove the cover from the mattress and machine wash it. I do use a mattress protector but it is good to know that the cover of the mattress can be washed if required.

I was slightly sceptical about the gel layer actually keeping you cooler but, it seems to be working for us really well! In this heatwave that we are experiencing at the moment, I haven’t woken once through being too hot.

We also received two OTTY pillows but I have actually taken these down to Leat House for our master bedroom. The pillows only come in a standard size which is a bit of a shame because we use king sized pillows on our super king bed. It would be nice if the pillows were available in different sizes. That aside, the comfort of these pillows are just as good as the mattress. They do take a bit of getting used to as they are quite different from ‘normal’ pillows. At first, they did seem quite firm but this is something you do adjust to but ultimately they are very comfortable as your head just moulds into them. You only need one pillow to sleep on although you may want a second pillow (perhaps just a ‘normal’ one) to use when you sit up in bed in the mornings to have your cup of tea – that’s if you’re like me and enjoy a morning tea in bed!

Lastly, when you compare the price of an OTTY mattress to other similar brands, there is no compromise on quality.

We’ve had the mattress for two weeks now and I got to say, I’m really impressed with it. It’s comfortable, I sleep really well on it and my husband hasn’t experienced any more back pain.

Clearly, OTTY is very confident with their mattresses as they even offer their customers a 100-night trial and if you are not happy with it, they will come and collect it for free and give you a full refund. That really does speak volumes!

I hope you have found this review insightful. If you are on the hunt for a new mattress, I would definitely recommend OTTY. To view their mattresses and other products,  head over to their website;

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