Behind the Layers With Layered Lounge

It never ceases to amaze me how many wonderful people and brands exist behind the little squares on Instagram. This is probably one of the main reasons why I like this social media site; it showcases style and talent and brings together people from all over the country (and world for that matter) through inspirational imagery and video content.

Almost a year ago exactly, I met Suzy and Lou from Layered Lounge. Two inspirational women who set up their very own home interiors brand. Ironically we already had a link with each other outside of the social media space with our husbands recently coming into contact with each other through work, and only after them talking to each other about what their wives did (i.e. myself and Lou from Layered Lounge) did we find a common ground and a shared an interest.

After connecting via Instagram through the love of all things house and home, I met Suzy and Lou at a nearby pub and got talking to them about how we could work together. At this point, the conversation was very much about how I could help share their newly formed brand via my feed and on my blog with product placement and content creation. At no point did any of us think that this would be the start of a full-blown rebranding exercise together!

From the very first visit to their website, I just knew they had an eye for product, I simply fell in love with all their beautiful tableware, serveware and exquisite glassware. Their products have a timeless quality to them and unique sense of style. They are of the highest quality but reasonably priced so affordable to a wide range of customers. Some of my favourite pieces were the from the Addison range, in particular, the Addison Serving Tray by Lene Bjerre.

The one thing that I wasn’t so keen on was the look and feel of their site and I think it’s safe to say that neither were Suzy or Lou! The overall brand styling just didn’t match the product offering. So after the first 30 minutes of us chatting it was apparent that there was a requirement to fine-tune their newly launched brand.

A few weeks and a lot of meetings later, we decided to work together and create a whole new look and feel for the Layered Lounge website. Using my experience in website design and functionality, having worked as an e-commerce merchandiser for many years, I put my skills to work and developed a whole new set of website page designs.

Since handing these over to Suzy and Lou, they have instructed a brand designer to work alongside my creations to focus on the logo, colour palette and fonts and as such have incorporated the new brand board within my website wireframe designs. The pages are now all with their web developer who is deploying the new look. I cannot wait to see the new Layered Lounge Website!

I am so pleased to announce that Layered Lounge will be apart of my “Just A Little Instameet” on the 13th September. It will be a great opportunity for those who are attending the event to meet Suzy and Lou and see some of their gorgeous products in the flesh.


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