DIY Autumn Wreath

I do love a bit of creativity and this Autumn-inspired DIY wreath has certainly ‘hit the spot’ for me!

As with anything I put in my home (or on the outside, in this instance), it has to coordinate with my home style. To ensure my handmade wreath would work with my home exterior, I used foliage colours that were complementary to the paintwork of the door and brick colour of the house.

The external colours of our house lend themselves to the Autumn season, with the different red tones of brick and the soft grey windows and doors. To work with these colours I decided to use tonal greys, soft pinks, burnt oranges and deep burgundies for my wreath.

With an idea of what I wanted, I headed to Dunelm to source some faux plants. Luckily, they had everything I needed with the addition of some lovely gold ceramic leaves. After doing a little bit of research online I found Hobbycraft were selling grapevine wreaths and I picked up a 40cm wreath for £5. For a full product list to create this wreath scroll to the bottom of this post but in the meantime, see below for more details on how I made mine…


I began by removing all the long stems from the faux plants using wire cutters.

Then, using a hot glue gun, I started to stick the faux plants to my wreath. I glued the leaves first and then the smaller foliages, followed by the flowers. I found laying the plants in a clockwise direction worked really well and gave a lovely movement to the wreath. Don’t be afraid to position all or some of the plants without glueing them to the grapevine wreath as this allows you to check the placement before they are firmly stuck!

Finally, I added some of the gold leaves in between the faux plants. I actually only used 3 on my wreath.

To hang my wreath I opted for clear nylon fishing wire. I attached two long pieces and hung them over the top of the door and sellotaped them to the back of the door.

Here is the final result…! To watch a clip on how I made this Autumn inspired wreath click here.

What you’ll need to create this wreath;

Thanks for reading! If you do create a similar wreath to mine, please do let me know – I’d love to see it! x



  1. Helen Hihnson
    October 7, 2018 / 9:21 pm

    Really love this SJ. I would never have picked that ochre colour put it really makes it pop and I shall be popping along to Dunelm.

  2. Genna Biddell
    September 9, 2019 / 9:03 pm

    Absolutely obsessed with this autumn wreath! One of the best I’ve ever seen. The colours are beautiful. Wish I had the time to make one!

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