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When it comes to Christmas festivities, many of our biggest plans for the day are centred around food and gathering loved ones together at the table to celebrate. So, setting the table for festive feasting should be just as important as decorating the Christmas tree!

To ensure you can achieve the perfect look this season, without any last-minute worries, I have collaborated with Robert Welch to help you create a timeless tablescape and to give you all a sneak peek of how my table will look for Christmas!

Take inspiration from your existing interiors

Don’t be afraid to stray from deep reds and golds this Christmas – even the smallest feature of a room can be used as a focus throughout the tablescape. Having a co-ordinated theme or colour scheme will elevate your Christmas table and tie everything into the rest of the room. You can even ‘borrow’ items from around the rest of the house to really bring the look together.

To work with my interiors, this year I have decided to use blues and silvers for my Christmas table which, even I, am surprised at how well this works!

Be prepared

Take the stress out of the day by making ‘dressing’ the table on Christmas Eve a family tradition! Create a mood board in advance to plan the ‘look’ and place any orders for new items to arrive at least a week before the big day itself. Then, just before you leave that mince pie and sherry out for Father Christmas, spend some time adding the finishing touches – like fresh flowers and foliage. Below is the mood board that I created for my table design which uses images from Pinterest (click here to visit my Pinterest board) and some of my own, pulled together in Photoshop.

A crisp, white tablecloth is a must

For any Christmas table, a smart white backdrop will give the room a real sense of occasion and sophistication. Ensuring your staple table elements are pristine gives you a perfect base to build upon. A neutral base also ensures that key dining elements, such as cutlery place settings and serveware are highlighted within the scheme.

Take inspiration from nature

Flowers, foliage and candles in complementary colours will help to create an eye-catching centrepiece, and really bring a sense of the season indoors, without being obtrusive. Faux options can be just as stunning as fresh foliage and also allow you to enjoy the decorations for longer. Try pairing the soft green tones of faux eucalyptus intertwined with dark berries, thistles and subtle fairy lights. 

All my foliage is faux and was purchased from one of my favourite brands Wyld Home who specialise in home decor and artificial flowers. To create my centrepiece I used x4 feather eucalyptus sprays, x2 pine branches, x3 52cm pine branches, x3 80cm eucalyptus and x2 berry sprays.

Get personal with table gifts

Miniature gifts are a really thoughtful way of laying out place settings at the Christmas dinner table. Get creative with ribbons and flowers, string and wood, or anything that fits your table theme. You could even choose a special Christmas tree decoration for each guest, providing them with a reminder of the day for years to come.

My personal touch this year, are these handmade place settings which I made using airdrying clay. If you would like to make these too, click here to visit my blog post on how to create them.

It’s all in the details

Matching cutlery is a must when it comes to creating the ultimate, co-ordinated Christmas dining look. If you’re investing in new cutlery place settings and serving ware, choose a timeless pattern which can be used all year round. I have the Stanton cutlery set which we were given as a wedding gift nearly 10 years ago and it comes out for every dinner party occasion!

Silver napkin rings and minimalist pewter coasters also add a sense of elegance by complementing the silverware and ensuring continuity across the tablescape.

Practical yet stylish solutions

Finishing touches like salt and pepper shakers, pinch pots, and sauce pots should be practical but tie in with your table theme. Make sure to consider condiments and garnishes early to avoid a jumble of sauce bottles, or mismatched gravy boats, on the table on Christmas day. A nice way to display your serving set or even your table condiments is on a beautiful tray which matches your table decor.

Create interest with differing levels

A quick way to add grandeur to your tablescape is adding tall candlesticks and lower level tealight holders, so your eyes are directed around the scheme. Be careful to place taller candlesticks in between, rather than directly in front of each place setting – so guests can still talk with ease across the table. You can also position additional candleholders around the rest of the room to draw everything together.

I hope this has inspired you with your Christmas table planning and perhaps even helped you to create the perfect table-scape! For further inspiration on any of the silverware used on my table, visit, or follow Robert Welch on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

Thanks for reading! x


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