New Year Resolutions with Milk & More

This is a sponsored post with Milk & More

New Year resolutions – love them or hate them, they are designed to better ourselves and our way of life. To help me with some of my resolutions for 2019, I have teamed up with Milk & More. This is a brand that I started working with in the middle of last year to help raise awareness of their concept to encourage people to eat well and to live sustainably. Deeply rooted as a British icon, Milk & More strive to continue both the milkman legacy and its expansion.

Less Plastic More Fantastic

Five months on since my first ever order with Milk & More, I can honestly say that this brand has become a way of life for us. We have three deliveries a week and no longer buy plastic milk cartons or plastic water bottles which is something we are truly passionate about and want to continue with through into 2019.

Having seen this situation unfold in recent years and after David Attenborough highlighted the horrific damage single use plastics is doing to our oceans in Blue Planet II, we made a conscious effort to reduce the amount of plastic that enters our home. On average, a typical glass milk bottle is reused around 25 times compared to a single use for a plastic milk bottle.

More Organic

My aim for 2019 is to have more food in its purest form. By opting for a weekly fruit and veg box from Milk & More (for £9.99), we can support farmers and step that bit closer to achieving a more healthy way of life. Also, their new range, launching on the 10th of Feb, will provide a box that is mostly organic – exciting!


More Citrus

A personal goal of mine is to include more citrus within my diet. Citrus can apparently help keep skin looking healthy thanks to vitamin C, which aids in collagen production and also strengthens our immunity. In fact, an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study found that people who ate foods high in C had fewer wrinkles and less age-related dry skin than those who didn’t. By introducing more citrus fruits such as oranges, clementines and lemons within my weekly food plan, I hope to feel (and look) more energized and healthy.

Less phone time & More face-to-face time

I think this is probably one of the most talked about resolutions for 2019; Less phone time and MORE face-to-face time! We live in a world that is extremely phone focussed. Our phones provide us with knowledge, access to work, connections with distant friends and loved ones, they help us plan our daily life and also serve as a camera lens to take photographs. I enjoy my phone and all that it has to offer me. It has provided me with all the above but I have to stay present and not be absorbed by its vortex of functionality!

It can easily hide us away from the bigger picture – the picture which is standing right in front of us – the here and now. My goal for this year is to actively meet up with friends and loved ones on a more regular basis. Instead of messaging them through WhatsApp, Instagram or SMS, meet with them face to face to find out how they are getting on and to share physical expression and feelings.

Champion home cooking and continue to share recipes with you all!

Lastly, something close to my heart and a real passion of mine is home cooking/baking and recipe sharing. I’ve been amazed by how much interest I have received through my food shares via Instagram – you clearly like a good recipe… or two! A particular favourite was an Autumn inspired German Apple Cake which I made primarily from ingredients delivered by my milkman from Milk & More. If you fancy giving it a go, click here for the recipe. In 2019 I hope to continue to champion home cooking and share my recipes with you.

I hope you have enjoyed reading some of my personal goals for the year, do let me know what yours are! x


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