Just A Little Instameet Announced 28.03.19

I am so excited to finally share the details of my second ‘Just a Little Instameet’ – an organised social event for Instagrammers who share a similar passion and interest. This instameet has been designed to bring together like-minded people and wonderful brands for a day of all things lifestyle, home and interiors.

I thrive off positivity and Instagram gives me a great platform to share and find inspiration in all areas of my life – home and interiors, travel, family, food and generally living life to the full! So what better way than to bring this to the real world and create a day centred around well-being and happiness. As such, I am delighted to be joined by some exceptional speakers who can help you find happiness through your home and interiors, your hormones, your way of life and your state of mind. I will also be joined by six inspirational entrepreneurs who have launched their own businesses with a unique identity and brand concept, all of whom will be on hand to showcase their products and talk to you about their journeys.

You will be able to:

  • Gain professional tips and techniques on how to spacial plan and decorate your home with Lauren Gilberthorpe Interiors
  • Learn the most effective ways to spring clean your home and your body so you will feel lighter, refreshed and revitalized with women’s hormone expert and Naturopath Nikki Hill
  • Learn techniques on how to build resilience and grow in confidence to reach your potential, with business and personal coach Pam Cottman
  • Free your mind through some creative crafts with The English Stamp Company and Emily Rollings
  • Meet the people behind six inspirational small businesses; Hunter & Co, Jord Home, Lily & Mortimer, Stib and Tutti & Co and Amatte. See their products, shop their products and talk to them about how they achieved their goals
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people
  • Enjoy some delicious food and drink throughout the day
  • Take home a luxury goody bag filled with wonderful goodies!

How to spacial plan and decorate your home

“Relationships are at the heart of great design; your relationship with one another and also your relationship with your home. As designers, we look for how our clients live, what they love and their lifestyle (interacting, relaxing, entertaining). During this session, you will learn how to make decisions for your home based not just on style, but on how it will make you feel and the impact that design can have on your everyday life.” Lauren Gilberthorpe

Lauren Gilberthorpe is a fully qualified interior designer and founder of Lauren Gilberthorpe Interiors – a full-service interior design company based in the heart of the Cotswolds. The company was established in 2015 following Lauren’s experience in running interior design projects for respected companies in London, the South West and Oxfordshire. With a focus on colour, texture and scale and an expertly blended mix of old and new, projects are approached holistically and based on total respect for the client’s brief.


Lighten, simplify and create space in all areas of your home and life

“According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the best time to detoxify the body and mind, to start new habits and clean up old ones. Learn the most effective ways to spring clean your home and your body so you will feel lighter, refreshed and revitalized.” Nikki Hill 

Nikki Hill, the founder of Nikki Hill Apothecary, is a fully qualified Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, and Medical Herbalist. Nikki specialises in women’s hormonal health issues and has been a consultant for over 15 years in both Australia and the UK helping countless women to become acquainted (or reacquainted) with their body and its needs. Nikki’s mission is to help women feel great all month, every month!


How to build resilience and grow in confidence to reach your potential

“Looking to build your resilience, positivity, and confidence in 2019? In this session we’ll be exploring what we mean by resilience, focusing on how to develop greater self-awareness (of our strengths, values, purpose and beliefs) and the regular practices that build enable us, and those around us, to thrive.” Pam Cottman

Pam Cottman is a qualified Business and Personal Coach, a member of the International Coach Federation, a trainer, a consultant, a mum of two boys and, most recently, founder of the Facebook group ‘Resilient Women’. A former Assistant Headteacher, Pam spent 14 years working with students, staff, parents and governors to support the development of young people and her teams. Following her second maternity leave, she now runs her own business, working with individuals, teams and organisations, supporting them to reach their potential, and focusing particularly on building resilience.


Get crafty, free your mind and enjoy learning a new skill

“We all know that a sense of pride and achievement is a great boost to your wellbeing. Sitting down to take a break from your day-to-day routine, to do something completely different can benefit your mental health immensely. Together with Sarah-Jane, we have hand-picked a selection of stamps and accessories for you to play about with, release your inner crafter and get creative with!

I will talk you through the best techniques and also teach you how to emboss your stamped images, which not only look sensational but are so easy and satisfying to do! With our mini stamps, you’ll be able to jazz up to-do lists, stamp a congratulatory well done when you’ve achieved a goal, embellish household rotas or homework schedules. 

I am also excited to be sharing our new collection ‘Just A Little…’ greetings stamps with you. These can be used on the day to create notelets and cards for that personal touch for you to take away with you. You will even have your very own ‘Just A Little Thank You’ stamp with ink pad as part of your event goody bag!” Yve Grady-Crewes

Yve Grady-Crewes has been a member The English Stamp Company for 5 years. The company dates back to 1992 and specialises in producing high quality, personalised rubber stamps which can transform stationery, branding, packaging, furniture, walls, fabric, wrapping paper and almost any other flat surface.

Alongside Yve, Emily Rollings will be on hand to share The Essential Planner, a beautiful diary that encourages people to simplify and embrace everyday life. Using stamps from The English Stamp Company, you will be shown how to customise your own diaries and weekly to-do lists whilst introducing a bit of creativity. Emily will also be introducing her new ‘Plan The Week’ notepad which has been designed especially for the event and will be included in your goody bag!

Emily is a designer, simplicity seeker, and believer in celebrating the simple things in life. Founder of stationery brand Emily Rollings, and creator of Birthday Letters to my Baby and The Essential Planner, Emily is passionate about helping people cherish every day, simplify their lives and live with intention. Through her brand and blog, Emily shares her belief that life is in the small, seemingly ordinary moments and that little changes can make a big difference to ourselves, the people around us and our beautiful planet. 


Meet the people behind six inspirational small businesses

Have you ever wanted to follow your dream and create your own business? Well, meet the people who have done just that! I have carefully selected six inspirational small businesses for you to meet and to talk with. Discover how they developed their own brand concept, find out what hurdles they have jumped through to get to where they are now, learn about their strategy for achieving a successful business and hear what visions they have for the future. Come prepared with some questions as these six people have achieved something very special and can share their experiences with you.

You will also have the ability to see their products and even purchase them should you wish!

Who should come…

  • Anyone looking for interior design advice
  • Anyone who wants to understand the unique relationship between your home interior, your wellbeing and your happiness
  • Anyone who wants to learn the most effective ways to feel lighter, refreshed and revitalized
  • Anyone looking to build resilience, positivity, and confidence
  • Anyone hoping to free their mind through creativity
  • Anyone looking for inspiration and ideas
  • Anyone wanting to get social and enjoy a great day out!

When and Where:

‘Just A Little Instameet’ will take place on Thursday 28th March 2019 at The Marchmont Arms in Hertfordshire, 10:00 –  16:30. This is where I held my first Instameet in September, to find out what we got up to click here.


Tickets are priced at £69 per person 


If you would like to purchase a ticket, please click HERE to be taken to the ticket site.


  • Tickets to include a morning tea/coffee and a pastry, buffet lunch, afternoon tea/coffee and something sweet
  • Access to all the sessions/workshops
  • A luxury goody bag to take home
  • Venue exclusivity
  • Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable and limited to two tickets per person.
  • Ticket holders must have an active Instagram account.
  • It is advisable that no children attend the event due to the structure of the workshops and presentations.

I really hope you can make it and I cannot wait to meet you all! SJ x


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