Kid-Inspired, Dream Kitchen

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I cannot tell you how excited I was when faced with the prospect of having a brand new kitchen in my home. One that I designed myself, hand selected and meticulously planned to suit my style, my way of life and my taste. Everyone is different, just as is everyone’s home, which is why designing a kitchen can be a very personal and unique experience.

What would be your dream kitchen? Would it be conventional and traditional? Or out of the ordinary and modernistic? Perhaps you don’t have a clear idea and in fact, you like a range of different kitchen styles which actually makes this question really difficult to answer! Regardless of style, the function is by far one of the most important aspects of kitchen design.

When designing my kitchen, and before visiting any kitchen retailers, I listed all the key elements that I wanted. For example, a hot water tap, two ovens, a water dispenser, etc. From there, I could create the backbone to my design and decide on the best place for each element. It can be a really creative and enjoyable process which makes you question the best use of space and ultimately the way you want to live in your home. It also highlights what is important to you.

Benchmarx Kitchens, is known for its innovative products and creative design teams, and is currently looking for a new ‘Kid-chen Designer‘ to help them create the company’s first kid-inspired, dream kitchen – how cool is that! They are hosting a competition for children aged 4-11 years to show them just what a kid-inspired dream kitchen looks like… and be in with the chance to actually see it brought to life by their experts!

When I asked my boys, “what would be in your dream kitchen?” they were first amazed that I was even asking them this question and then secondly, really excited at the thought of having the opportunity to say exactly what they wanted! We had a “football table island”, a “sweetie drawer”, an “automatic food maker”, a “slide from the bedroom down to the kitchen”… all being fired out at once!

“Good design is the backbone to making this work, and what better way to encourage children into the kitchen than by asking them what they would like to see there.” Matt Aitken, Benchmarx Kitchens

In just the way I started my own kitchen design process, I asked the boys to list everything they wanted to see in their dream kitchens. James, being slightly older, started his list in written form whereas Riley drew it all in pictures. It was fascinating to see their imagination come to life! Once my boys had decided on their must-have kitchen elements, they got to work to draw their dream kitchen designs.

No idea is too big. So, youngsters may think that every kitchen should have a tunnel that runs behind the cupboards to a secret den, or a ball pit hidden under a moveable kitchen island and a slide at the end of the breakfast bar sounds amazing. Future-gazers may prefer to opt for a button that teleports them straight to the park, or conjure up cupboards that can automatically come up with tasty treats based on what is inside. The choice is theirs!

And here are the boys kid-inspired kitchens… ready to be entered into the competition!

As well as being paid in £500 worth of family days out, the chosen ‘Kid-chen’ Designer will also see their kitchen vision brought to life for them and their friends to enjoy. 

To apply, would-be ‘Kid-chen’ Designers (or their parents or guardian!) need to download a form and email the finished design to before 11.59pm on Sunday 21st July. Forms can also be collected from one of Benchmarx Kitchens’ 180 branches across the country. To find your nearest branch visit

I hope you enter too… and good luck!

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