Making Waves with Camilla Jane Gittins

This post is in collaboration with Camilla Jane Gittins. Working together we hope to create a piece of nature-inspired art for Leat House.

When I think of coastal living, words like inspiring, raw, dramatic, beautiful, untamed and unforgiving are all conjured up in my mind. It is quite a unique experience to live close to the sea. Its power and its beauty are both majestic and spectacular.

To capture the essence of all of this, I am keen to inject a piece of artwork within Leat House that takes inspiration from the coastline. And I think I may have found the perfect artist to help me with this…

Camilla Jane Gittins is an abstract painter who is heavily influenced and continually inspired by nature and the essence of her surroundings. Her paintings are sensitive reactions to the ever changing landscapes and the connecting visible layers of land, sea and sky.

Camilla’s work is characterised by her love of layering and mark making. She explores the relationship between a combination of dense and transparent layers. Her paintings feature a bold colour palette and she works in a variety of mediums: acrylic, graffiti, pastel, spray paint, graphite and embroidery.

I have provided Camilla with some photos of Leat House and its surroundings so she can create a colour palette for the painting. Inserted below is her initial mock up.

The painting has been designed to go on the wall of the front lounge, above the sofa, facing the sea. I have opted for a ‘squid ink’ coloured sofa (dark charcoal, for clarity purposes!) , ‘Shaded White’ walls and light, patterned cushions so I’m hoping the colour combinations will work well together.

Camilla is visiting the UK in the upcoming weeks so I am hoping to meet with her in person and see some of her completed artwork. As our painting develops I hope to share more with you so stay tuned for further updates. You can follow Camilla’s journey via her Instagram @camillajanegittins.

Thanks for reading – hope you like Camilla’s work as much as I do! xxx


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