Wish list: May

Welcome to May’s wish list which centres around stand-out features within the home. High on my list this month is 1) Exposed brickwork. I love how incorporating exposed brick brings character and raw charm into an interior space. It mixes up the old and new and provides a real feature to any room. Here are a bunch of good examples that I have … More Wish list: May

Patterned tiles

Sometimes I get fixated on a detail and then I see it over and over and then I become obsessed with finding the perfect example, all the while dreaming about how I have to have it in my life somehow. Right now, my fixation is on patterned floor tiles. I see them everywhere – in … More Patterned tiles

Wish list: April

What have I seen this month and loved? What do I want in my new house once it’s complete? What do I not want to forget about? All very important questions and ones that I do not want to lose sight of! As such, I will be pulling together a once-a-month wish list of all the … More Wish list: April

A glass extension

When my husband and I talked about the key “wants” and “musts” for our house, one of the stand-out aspects (in addition to the obligatory key elements such as a heating solution, new kitchen etc.), was that we wanted to create an element of “wow”. We wanted to ‘notch the house up a gear’. Not only should … More A glass extension