Our House

Where city life meets country living, that’s how I see our lives and our house. We lead busy, bustling lives (especially my working London-based husband) but love nothing more than retreating back home to our idyllic setting in the country to raise our family.

Both my husband and I grew up in the country but moved to the vibrant city of London to study and to further our careers. We love London, we love all that it has to offer, but when marriage and children showed up, we knew the country life was calling us. And as such, it brings us to where we are now!

Our house dates back to the 1950s where it was once a cottage – two up, two down – and over the years it has been modernised and extended. When we moved here just over 5 years ago, it had a lot of overgrown foliage around the house (front and back), electric storage heaters, a coal fired rayburn, white shiny uPVC windows and doors and a mint green conservatory. Things had to change…

After living in the house for just over 3 years and getting to know its good points and not so good points, we were ready to start conversations with our architect. Making their way straight to the list of things to change were;

  • To make our house warm 
  • To get rid of the uPVC white windows and doors
  • To create an open plan kitchen/dining/lounge. The conservatory had to go. It was freezing cold in the winter and boiling hot in the summer. Planning permission was not going to be possible for an extension (this is due to the house already being extending quite significantly in the past). Instead our only option was to reuse the conservatory footprint and spread it across the back of the house .
  • To put ‘our stamp’ on the house and to make it our own



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