Onwards and upwards

Since my last post I can (with a smile on my face) inform you that we have managed to secure an earlier slot for the windows. Thankfully, someone who is also buying from our window supplier is willing to trade their delivery slot of the 16th December with our slot of the 2nd January. It has … More Onwards and upwards

Red blo*dy bricks!

Sorry for the lack of a build updates recently. Things have been rather tense after coming to terms with the fact that the bricks used on the extension are not a good match to the existing. The issue with them is that they are too red/orange in colour, looking brand new and unsympathetic to the … More Red blo*dy bricks!

A momentous day!

Evening all, It’s been a while since my last post (18 days in fact) and this is solely because very little has happen during this time. Thankfully, we rectified the issue that was our incorrect plans and were able to proceed with the steels order. Little did I know that the order would take up to … More A momentous day!

Utter Dismay

We have suddenly found ourselves in a position that we really do not want to be in. Our plans are incorrect. On Saturday, as our builder measured up for the new steels, he realised that there was an issue with the plans. One of the existing structural supports in the dining room has been drawn … More Utter Dismay

Week 2

Things are starting to get a little scary…! Windows have come out, walls have come down, supports to hold the house up have gone in and foundations are starting to be dug out. Despite the progress, we have unfortunately come across our first stumbling block; the foundations to the original part of the house which dates … More Week 2

Week 1

Wow, demolition is quick! It’s only been a week since the builders came on site but jeez, a lot has happened in that time! On Monday we could hardly step foot into the house because it was full of rubble – we had tonnes of the stuff (literally). Upstairs, all carpets had been removed and everything … More Week 1